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Summertime and the livin’s easy…. kind of.


It’s so nice to go outside and play in the sun! I took both girls outside today. Livvy didn’t nap so she was extra fun and didn’t listen well at all. Tinky Two just chilled out in her rocker while Livvy played. It’s crazy being home with both of my girls this summer but, I am soaking up all the moments I can… even when they aren’t so pleasant. One day I will look back and miss these days!

When we came in from outside I came up with the brilliant idea for us all 3 to take a shower together. It’s safe to say I won’t be doing that again! Livvy got soap in her eyes and Ayla didn’t like it when she was even the least bit cold. We got out and I got the girls dressed and Ayla went to sleep while nursing. Livvy was hanging out on the couch so I went downstairs to throw in some laundry and when I came back up this is what I found:


Thank you sweet Jesus!

I love my girl but, she needs a little bit of rest and it’s rare when they are both asleep at the same time during the day.

The best parts about today:

1. Fun in Sun makes babies sleepy

2. Having a few moments by myself!

3. Watching my angels sleep so peacefully.

4. It’s Friday and for the past 10 years EVERY single Friday (ok, we’ve missed some Fridays but, if we know we are going to we try to make up for it on Thursday or Saturday… we’re awesome like that) my husband and I eat Chipotle. It’s our thing!



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