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I love Snapchat.

It’s True. I love it. I am a 27 year old wife and mother of two and I use Snapchat on the regular.


I, like many, thought it was just for tweens and teens to send nude pics to each other but, it’s not! I enjoy sending goofy pics to my friends and receiving silly ones back from them!

Why I love Snapchat:

1. I can send goofy pictures to friends and then, it disappears…. as long as nobody takes a screenshot

2. I can send pictures of different aliments, have my friends tell me if it’s cancer or not and then, it disappears.

3.  You can send pics/videos when you are intoxicated and then, it disappears!  No embarrassing moments when your friend/husband decides to show everyone! (This will come in handy when I am not nursing anymore and I can drink a few)

4. It is fun to send some sexy pictures to my husband without worrying about them being saved forever!



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