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My thoughts on co-sleeping…

I’m going to start by giving some background:

When Livvy was born I was determined to not make all the new parenting mistakes and for the most part I didn’t. I didn’t want her to feel like she had to sleep with someone next to her and so, she slept in her crib. She loved her crib. She transitioned into a toddler bed and then after we found out we were expecting we moved her into a twin. Livvy is Miss Independent and does fine sleeping on her own. Ayla is a different story. I like to blame me making all the rookie mistakes with my second baby on the fact that she was a preemie. Soooooo… I think that is why she is still sleeping my bed… in my arms. That is right… not only will she not sleep at night if she’s not next to me but, she has to be in my arms. She does sleep from 9pm until about 6:30am with one wake up at 5am to nurse and that is awesome!

So here are my thoughts on co-sleeping…

1. It’s OK to co-sleep if it’s right for you and your baby.

2. If you are a heavy sleeper… don’t do it!

3. If you are breastfeeding it is so convenient! At 5 am every morning I just stick a boob in her mouth!

4. Don’t start having your baby sleep in your arms when co-sleeping…sometimes I wish she could just sleep next to me and some mornings I am so stiff when I wake up.

5. Make sure your husband and you are on the same page about it (luckily, mine doesn’t mind).

6. If you don’t do it with the first, don’t do it with the second. I say this because I feel like it bothers my 2 year old. I am always wondering if she is feeling resentful because Ayla is in our bed and not her. Let me be honest… I have totally let Livvy sleep in my bed more because I feel bad. I don’t want her to feel second best. I’m not sure if it’s just me that feels guilty or if she really does resent the fact that her sister is in our bed. Sometimes being a parent sucks!

Note* I am no expert and I am expressing my own opinion from my own experiences…

And now some fun pictures of the girls in our bed… Damn, my kids are cute 😉









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