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Then and now…


Livvy 5 months 2011


Ayla 6 months 2013

It’s safe to say my girls don’t look that much a like…. but, damn they are beautiful! 

I can’t believe…

My baby is 6 months old!


Yesterday she became the big 6 months… time flies!


Her stats:
Weight 14 lbs 10 oz 25% for her age
Length 26 in. 75% for her age


OMG! For being a preemie she is catching up fast!  I have a feeling she is going to be tall like her sister!  (2yrs old 3T are getting small)



To think she was born 5 weeks early and was in the NICU for 9 days!


Just a couple days old

Craziness… It seems so long ago but just like yesterday. My little 5lb baby is getting so big and is the happiest baby I have ever met in my life!!


My first Influenster review: Sargento Cheese

My review!!

I was picked to review the Sargento Cheese VoxBox. I received this cute little box in mail.


This is what it looked like when I opened it:

There was a voucher for a free Sargento Cheese product, a coupon and a little gift… an insulated cheese stick holder!!


It’s so cute! I think it’s a good idea too. Nothing sucks more than a warm, mushy, string cheese!


With my voucher I got a free package of Sargento String Cheese. Yum! I was already a fan of string cheese so this was nice to receive!


Opinion: We already enjoy Saregento string cheese. It’s our favorite brand! My husband and I take them with our lunches and my 2 year old daughter loves them at snack time. I would recommend them and they taste delicious!

So now that you read my review let me tell you a little bit about how this came about.

I recently signed up for a program called Influenster. I was invited by a fellow blogger. Influenster is a product testing site where you fill out short surveys to earn badges and depending on your interests (based on your badges) and level of activity you can qualify to receive and review a VoxBox.  A VoxBox is a box that has at least one kind of product and possibly several different items from different brands. When you qualify to receive a VoxBox you are informed via email. You are encouraged to share your thoughts and experiences on any social media sites that you are active on. I’ve seen some amazing boxes… with makeup and other fun products. I hope to get one soon 🙂

Here is a brief description of Influenster from their website:

What Is Influenster?

Influenster is a free -to-join community of invited trendsetters who live to give opinions of products and experiences. Influenster creates links between brands and members to reward participation and influence future products.

I do have 5 invites available for anyone waiting to join. I just ask that you are ready and willing to participate and review products! Just let me know in the comments section or send me a message!

Five on Friday

I’m linking up with Darci over at The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday and Lauren at Lauren Elizabeth for H54F

1. I have totally been in a non-gmo kick lately.  I am slowly changing what we eat and doing lots of research. I figured I’d change Tinky’s snacks first and move from there.  It’s been well received. GMOs freak me out… I know we won’t be able to be non-gmo all the time but I’m going try and make the best decisions for my family that I can.

We love Annie's!

We love Annie’s!

2. I took the sippy cup away at night again… last week. It was gone and then we had Ayla and 6 months later… Here we are. I know it’s bad for her to have it as she falls asleep but after I had T2 I felt guilty. She has gotten away with a lot because of my guilt and it’s time to change that. Having a preemie was tough and a 2 year old doesn’t understand. It’s going pretty good.

3. We are hot and heavy on the potty training. It’s tough but we will get there. I’ll be posting all about it sometime soon.

Sleeping in he big girl underwear!

Sleeping in her big girl underwear!

4. I’m expecting a couple of subscription boxes… I’m super excited about them. I will be receiving a Bluum box and a KlutchBox. Bluum box is for children with a special gift for Mom and KlutchBox sends items for a healthy and active lifestyle. I got great deals on both of them which makes it even more thrilling! I’ll post about them when they come! If you want to try a Bluum box here is my referral link:

For KlutchBox:


5. Shaun and I were reminiscing about our wedding day over this past weekend. We talked about memorable moments, what we don’t really remember and what we remember because of the pictures we have. It was a nice time remembering and talking about our special day. Sometimes you get so caught up in life you forget the important stuff.

Feb 2007

Feb 2007



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