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Five on Friday

I’m linking up with Darci over at The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday and Lauren at Lauren Elizabeth for H54F

1. I have totally been in a non-gmo kick lately.  I am slowly changing what we eat and doing lots of research. I figured I’d change Tinky’s snacks first and move from there.  It’s been well received. GMOs freak me out… I know we won’t be able to be non-gmo all the time but I’m going try and make the best decisions for my family that I can.

We love Annie's!

We love Annie’s!

2. I took the sippy cup away at night again… last week. It was gone and then we had Ayla and 6 months later… Here we are. I know it’s bad for her to have it as she falls asleep but after I had T2 I felt guilty. She has gotten away with a lot because of my guilt and it’s time to change that. Having a preemie was tough and a 2 year old doesn’t understand. It’s going pretty good.

3. We are hot and heavy on the potty training. It’s tough but we will get there. I’ll be posting all about it sometime soon.

Sleeping in he big girl underwear!

Sleeping in her big girl underwear!

4. I’m expecting a couple of subscription boxes… I’m super excited about them. I will be receiving a Bluum box and a KlutchBox. Bluum box is for children with a special gift for Mom and KlutchBox sends items for a healthy and active lifestyle. I got great deals on both of them which makes it even more thrilling! I’ll post about them when they come! If you want to try a Bluum box here is my referral link: http://bluum.me/19eS5ml

For KlutchBox: http://bit.ly/16ditg4


5. Shaun and I were reminiscing about our wedding day over this past weekend. We talked about memorable moments, what we don’t really remember and what we remember because of the pictures we have. It was a nice time remembering and talking about our special day. Sometimes you get so caught up in life you forget the important stuff.

Feb 2007

Feb 2007



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