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My Story

My name is Savanna and I am new to the blogging world. I always wanted to write a novel and I never got around to it so, I thought I’d give blogging a try. I figured I could write about random things and not have to worry about it all going together. Here’s a little about my crazy life.
My girls and I

First and foremost, Jesus is my Homeboy! I am a Catholic. I converted to Catholicism after my husband and I got married. It’s was an amazing experience and one I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I am married to an awesome guy and together we have 2 beautiful daughters. I like to refer to them as Tinky and Tinky Two. Being a Mom is crazy stuff… It’s awesome, amazing, emotional, funny, hard, what was I thinking and the best experience of my life. I love being married to such an amazing guy. We’ve have been together since I was 17 and I’ve pretty much decided that I’ll keep him 😉

My husband and I

Tinky (Livvy Annelise) was born in 2011. She is something else. She has always been Miss Independent and sometimes it just cracks me up!


My little Goofball

My little Goofball


Tinky Two or T2 (Ayla Rose) was born this year in March. She was 5 weeks early, loves her Mama and makes silly faces….


Smiley baby!

Smiley baby!

I happen to have the most awesome 3 besties ever! I am a lucky girl! They each bring something different to the table and love me unconditionally. I happen to be a wierdo so, the fact that I found 3 amazing ladies to love me is awesome!

Lynn, me (preggers with Liv), Courtney and Margaret

… and I don’t like onions. I really don’t. I never have and I’m not sure why. I don’t like the texture or the taste. If you take the time to puree some and put it in some food as long as it’s not over powering I will eat it. I will pick them out if they are visible… even the little tiny ones. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard ‘I cut them so small you won’t even be able to tell’  Umm… Yes, I can! If it was up to me I’d just like the damn things! It would be so much easier and I hope to goodness my little ones aren’t picky… it just makes things difficult and so every once in a while I will try an onion to make sure I still don’t like them. So far my taste buds have not changed! This really doesn’t have much to do with my blog but, it’s a part of who I am and something people seem to remember about me. Below is an actual sign that is proudly hanging in my kitchen!

The sign in my kitchen made out of old barn wood.

The sign in my kitchen made out of old barn wood.


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