Five on Friday

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1. My two year old is on a roll this week… She fell and split her chin on Sunday, wrote on our TV with crayon,  I found her sitting on top of play kitchen,  she poured her milk into the gas tank of her car and got into my makeup for like the 20th time. Crazy stuff! Is this normal 2 year old behavior? I have nothing to compare it to and so I’m going to keep telling myself it is! She keeps me on my toes! Luckily, she is my favorite crazy two year old ever!

2. T2 is getting so big… as our last baby I just want it to slow down. I know they won’t be my babies forever but, throw me a bone! She is such a happy baby and a joy to be around. I have the most amazing and beautiful daughters… God has truly blessed me.

Toes are fun!

Toes are fun!



3. I’m done pickling for the season 24 jars of pickles…


A couple missing here 😉

4. I really want to get a bento box… I’ve been eyeing this one.

5. Soccer season is starting soon… It’s a love/hate relationship with me. My hubby refs high school and college and is gone a lot during the season… on the up side extra money to go shopping and he does look sexy in those short referee shorts!

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Pickle Time

I made my first batch of pickles this weekend! I planted 3 cucumber plants this year and I am going to be busy the next few weeks. Needless to say I will only plant 2 next year…. they are totally out of control!  In the past I’ve tried my own recipe for dill pickles and it wasn’t so great. I love to experiment with food… it’s totally my thing but, not with pickles. I’ll add hot peppers to make them spicy but besides that I use Mrs. Wages kosher dill mix. The flavor is good and everyone seems to enjoy them. They have other kinds of pickle mix as well. I totally want to try the zesty bread and butter mix and I think I will this summer.

I just follow the directions on the back of the package (see below). It is kind of hit and miss with the amount of cucumbers I may have. If I don’t have enough for all the pickle mix that it makes I either discard it or refrigerate it (if I’m going to use it in the next few days).

Packing the cucumbers in the jars. Three big jars and three little ones.

Packing the cucumbers in the jars. Three big jars and three little ones.

Getting the pickle mix and  the canning pot ready

Getting the pickle mix and the canning pot ready

Cucumbers and pickle juice in jars. Lids put on and in the boiling water.

Cucumbers and pickle juice in jars. Lids put on and in the boiling water.

Waiting for the lids to pop!

Waiting for the lids to pop!

Just a side note: technically you aren’t suppose to put that canning pot on a glass stove top. I haven’t had any problems but, just a disclaimer I wanted to put that out there.

Also, I added serrano peppers to 4 out of the 6 jars to make spicy pickles.

Here is the actual directions on the back of the package:

My favorite pickle mix

My favorite pickle mix

Directions from the package
9-11 lbs pickling cucumbers (about 50 – 3 to 4 inches)
3 1/3 cups white vinegar (5% acidity)
7 1/3 cups water
1 pouch Mrs. Wages Kosher Dill Pickles Mix
Yield: 7 quarts

PREPARE and PROCESS home canning jars and lids according to manufacturer’s instructions for sterilized jars.

WASH cucumbers and remove blossoms; drain. Leave whole, cut into spears or slice.

COMBINE Kosher Dill Mix, vinegar and water into a large non-reactive pot. Do not use aluminum. Bring mixture just to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture dissolves.

PACK cucumbers into sterilized jars, leaving ½-inch of headspace. Evenly divide hot pickling liquid among the packed jars, leaving ½-inch of headspace. Remove air bubbles and cap each jar as it is filled. If more liquid is needed for proper headspace, add a mix of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water.

PROCESS pints 5* minutes, quarts 10*minutes, in a boiling water bath canner. Test jars for airtight seals according to manufacturer’s directions. If jars do not completely seal, refrigerate and consume within two weeks.

Product is ready to eat after 24 hours. Before serving, chill to enhance flavor and crispness.

*Process time listed is for altitudes less than 1000 feet. At altitudes of 1000 feet or more increase processing time 1 minute for each 1000 feet of altitude.

I ordered my canning pot from Amazon. It’s not the best and most expensive but, it works just fine! You can find it here if you are looking for a pretty inexpensive one to get started.