Crazy kid!

My two year old was in her room for nap-time and I hear her saying something. I listen a little closer to hear her casually say ‘Mong help pleeeeeeeease.’ This is what I found:


Omg! My little girl…. Did I mention she’s only two?!!
Lord have mercy… I am in trouble with this one!


Sometimes being a Mom sucks!

There are many reasons why someone could say this…. I’m saying it today because I am TIRED! I am very tired and I just want to get some sleep.


Must be nice.

Don’t get me wrong, being a Mom is the greatest thing that has EVER happened to me and most of the time it’s good stuff. Lets be honest though, there are days, situations, moments and/or experiences that come with the territory, that suck! I obviously choose my children over sleep… However, it will be nice when I get to really have a good night’s sleep again!

Nothing hurts more than seeing your child in pain.


My oldest baby had her first injury this weekend. Don’t get me wrong she’s had some bumps and bruises, but nothing that requires us to go to urgent care or causes THAT much pain. Burns hurt! I have never experienced such heartbreak. All the things that have ever happened to me don’t even come close to seeing my daughter in that much pain.

How did it happen?! Well, I very rarely ask my husband to help me cook anything… he’s just not a good cooker! I asked him to cook the hamburger because I was tending to the baby and needed to pump. He let Liv watch him and she had pulled up a chair. She knows what hot means so he wasn’t worried about her so much. He went to drain the meat and when he turned his back she put her hand on the stove. I’m thinking since we have a glass top and she didn’t see fire, she wasn’t still thinking that it was hot…

She started screaming and crying and it was just sad. Burns really hurt and there was nothing we could do. We put her hand in cool water which did help but not all the way. I was crying with her. It was upsetting. No parent ever wants to see their child hurt. I ended up deciding to take her to urgent care since it was bubbling up and she was in so much pain. She wouldn’t let me get her dressed so, I just grabbed a dress out of the closet and we went. On the way there I called my Mom and Grandma to tell them about what happened. They both met me there. I am thankful for my supportive family!

We got there and checked in. She is my tough girl, and once she calmed down, she played while waiting to see the doctor. She just waved her hand to get a breeze and said ‘ouch it hurts’ every few minutes.

There wasn’t much the doctor could do but, she did give us a prescription for when the blisters popped. She also told me to give her some Tylenol for pain.

Once we came home I gave her the Tylenol and I totally let her sleep in my bed.

Since Sunday the first blister has popped. Not fun.

And so, nothing has EVER been as heartbreaking as seeing her that hurt. Burns are seriously the worst and no 2 year old should ever feel that. I can’t imagine what her little self was thinking while experiencing being burned. I wish I could have taken it away and made it all better. I know there will be injures that happen, it’s a part of life, but it really sucks! I can’t put them in a bubble to protect them. Although…